The Power of Our Thoughts

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What we believe about ourselves, about others and the world around us goes a long way to creating our reality. The many examples of the placebo effect (sugar pill effect) illustrate how our beliefs even have a physical effect. For example, a sugar pill is 60% as effective as codeine at relieving pain. But the story I want to share with you today is about a man named Roger Bannister. For years, scientists and medical doctors claimed that the human body was physically incapable of running faster than a 4 minute mile and for decades, no one did. They were always 2 or 3 seconds over. Then along came Roger Bannister, and on May 6, 1954 he showed the world they were wrong in their beliefs with a time of 3 minute and 59.4 seconds. So what, right? One year after shattering the mental brick wall, 37 other people ran the mile in under 4 minutes and two years later, over 300 people had accomplished this “impossible” feat! What are your mental brick walls that are holding you back?

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