Smile – It's Contagious!

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Did you know that emotions are contagious? For example, when three strangers are facing one another for even a minute or two, the most emotionally expressive of the three transmits their mood to the other two – without speaking a word! In fact, we pick up signals from others that can alter our hormone levels, sleep rhythms, and immune functions. Our limbic system has an open-loop design that tunes into the emotions of others which changes our individual physiology and moods. So what does this mean? When you are having a bad day or are stuck in a negative mood, it literally affects those around you – physically and emotionally.

The great news is that the same is true when we are feeling good. Ever notice how most people smile back when you first smile at them? Since positive emotions (and smiles) are contagious, consider this mathematical impact. If you smile at just two people, and they smile at just two more people, and each of these four people smile at two more – – – How many people will have been affected after 20 “sets” of smiles? This exponential relationship predicts over 1 million people are impacted as a result of your first two smiles. So the next time you’re in a store or at work, give it a try and realize the power of sharing a simple smile.

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