This Is Taking Forever!

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Have you ever had a simple project that should have taken less than an hour but ended up turning into a major pain, wasting several hours of your time and maybe even needing a couple of trips back to the store to get more supplies or parts? Did you vent to your friends or family about how frustrated you were, and how these types of things always seem to happen to you? I’ve been there!

What about those projects that end up being simple and fast and maybe even cheap? How often do we savor and remember them instead of quickly moving on to our next task? For example, my husband was going to replace the cat door in our porch that was broken when our friend’s German Shepherd poked his head through to say “Hi.” It seemed like a quick and easy task but it ended up taking several hours of his time. I was impressed by his patience but I knew he was frustrated. Next project – fixing the bathroom toilet that would run every several minutes. It took a few minutes to diagnose, but it was fixed in less than 5 minutes with one trip to town to purchase a part that cost less than $2. Fantastic! A fast, simple and cheap fix!

Since our brains love to focus on the negative, I have a hard time remembering the easy projects. I’m going to make a point of telling more people and maybe even keeping a list to remind me that they do actually happen the next time I am frustrated by a project that is taking forever.

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