Pick a Day – It’s Your Choice

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The alarm goes off and you groan as you remember today is going to be very cold and rainy and you have some appointments that require walking outside for several blocks. You don’t want to get out of bed because the room is even colder than usual. Once you’re on the road, traffic is going slow because of the rain and you get frustrated, worried that you are going to be late. You get a red light and are even more frustrated. One of your appointments is downtown and you dread the drive because there is so much traffic, there are many unfamiliar one-way streets, and parking is difficult. You are stressed and anxious as you finally get parked and rush to your appointment, forgetting your gloves. When you get home, you are exhausted and grumpy. You feel depressed and tired from the gray, rainy day. You don’t want to have to deal with anything when you get home. You just want to relax and go to bed.

The alarm goes off and you are thankful for the day and are looking forward to what the day might bring. You savor the hot shower as it warms you up in the chilly room. It is cold and rainy today so you grab your coat, gloves and umbrella so you will be prepared for walking outside for your upcoming appointments. Traffic is slow because of the rain, but you turn on the radio to enjoy some of your favorite songs, take a few deep breaths, and remind yourself that you will get there when you get there. You get a red light and realize this is the first one, all the others were green. One of your appointments is downtown, an area you find challenging because you aren’t used to all the one-way streets, heavy traffic and limited parking. After you successfully navigate the streets and park, you congratulate yourself for doing a good job and notice it is getting easier with each visit. When you get home, you realize how the dreary, rainy day has made you tired and you are thankful that tomorrow is going to be sunny and warmer and you remember that this summer had so many beautiful, sunny days.

Which day will YOU pick?


Tina Hallis, Ph.D., is a professional speaker and consultant for The Positive Edge, a company dedicated to helping people and organizations fulfill their true potential using strategies from the science of Positive Psychology.

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