What an Amazing Time of Year for Savoring!

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I slowed down as I drove past my neighbor’s farm so I could watch the baby calves jumping and running in the barn yard.  There’s something about baby calves that I find so cute.  As I pulled into my driveway, I was amazed again at the beautiful apple trees totally loaded in white blossoms.  They seem more full than past years.  I love spring!  I can walk around my yard every day and notice how things have changed.  There are new flowers and new growth.  The woods get greener.  I also enjoy listening to the frogs in our pond.  There are so many signs of spring that I try to savor.

After learning more about Positive Psychology, I now know that taking the time to savor these wonderful springtime gifts not only feels good, it’s good for my brain.  Studies show that when we notice something good, pause, and let the moment last, those neural networks in our brain get reinforced, making it easier for us to notice the good next time.  As we get better at seeing the positive things around us, it shifts our perspective and our view of the world.  The great news is, we don’t have to wait to find something to savor in the present moment, we can also savor favorite memories; times we felt loved, peaceful, or we were having fun with friends.  We can also look forward to upcoming events.  My parents just returned from Arizona for the summer and my 9 year-old has been excitedly anticipating their return for weeks!   She has been savoring the prospect of being totally spoiled again.

What are some of your favorite signs of spring?  Take a few extra moments, soak them in, and change your brain for the better.

If you are curious to learn more about Positive Psychology, check out my new resource page.  It includes some of my favorite books and websites.

Tina Hallis, Ph.D. is a professional speaker and consultant for The Positive Edge.  She shares the Science of Success with organizations who want to create more positive workplaces and teams so they can activate their people’s productivity and performance.  

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