My Favorite Time of Year to Savor

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Spring is my favorite time of year to savor!  There’s so many good things to notice; the first few warmer days with the promise of spring (and no coat!); watching things grow and turn green; the colors of the new flowers, the scent of lilacs, the sound and colors of the birds returning for the summer, baby calves in the pastures, the aroma of fresh mowed hay, the sound of frogs singing in the evening, sleeping with the windows open, my hands not going numb when I go outside, hikes, bike rides. . .  The list goes on and on.

I try to remember how good it is for us to savor; how the research shows that taking a little extra time to soak in the moment is reinforcing our ability to notice and enjoy the good stuff more easily. I know we’re all very busy, and it may feel like we don’t have time to savor, but we actually rewire our brains when we pause and let it sink in.    

What are some of your favorite things to savor this time of year?  Why not share with a friend and compare?  You may find more to add to your list.


Tina Hallis, Ph.D., is a professional speaker and founder of The Positive Edge, a company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations increase their positivity to improve the quality of people’s work lives and the quality of company cultures.

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