Is It Time to Regroup for Positive Change and Transformation?

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Regroup . . .

1. Settle or find a solution to a change, challenge, problem, or dispute.

After 15 years as a loyal employee, my friend Cheri’s Office Administrator left to pursue a new opportunity. While at first it was a shock and an unwelcomed change, it became a powerful catalyst to create something new. After tearful good-byes and reluctant acceptance, Cheri rallied her team to discover where they would go from there. With fresh eyes, her team came together to regroup to say, “This is what it looks like now. What are we going to do with it moving forward?” Regrouping became a critical part for them to adapt to the new changes to thrive.

5 Ways to Successfully Regroup

  • Slowdown in order to go fast. Stop, contemplate, and reflect before making any further changes.
  • Be honest and transparent. Question everything.
  • Don’t make huge changes at first, but be willing to observe, consider, and have the tough conversations.
  • Seek outside help from a coach, consultant, counselor, or advisor to mediate, stimulate, and help implement new solutions.
  • Gain buy-in from the people who will be impacted to unify for a shared mission.

When you are faced with change and apply this regrouping process, you are better equipped to make decisions for your next steps. Rather than settling back into old habits and doing what you’ve always done, create something fresh, new, and awesome.

Drop Back and Punt

Football provides an excellent metaphor for regrouping. When a team is in possession of the ball, but cannot advance its agenda any further, they have to ‘drop back and punt.’ Doing this requires that they step back to reassess and reorganize their strategy in pursuit of winning the game. When your prospects are looking dim and your options are limited, ‘drop back and punt’ to approach your activities from a renewed vantage point.

Susan Young is a keynote speaker, leadership trainer, and author at Susan Young International, LLC. 


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