Pausing for a Moment of Gratitude – Besides feeling good, there are many benefits

How often do you pause to be grateful?  I know how good it makes me feel and I’ve read about the many benefits, so I want to find more times to experience gratitude. So as I sit here, working in [...]

I’m Such a Dork! Sometimes I Can’t Believe the Stupid Things I Do

I’m such a dork! I do so many stupid things and make so many stupid mistakes. I asked my family for some examples for this tip, and I finally had to say, “Stop!  Enough already!” Here are a few [...]

Do You Ever Complain About Your Day? Here’s a way to get better at also noticing more of the good

When you get home from work, do you ever vent or complain about your day?  Maybe you had to deal with a difficult customer, or there was a frustrating meeting, or you just had too much to do. [...]