8 Common Themes for a Better Life – Taking care of your mind & body

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In addition to reading and learning about Positive Psychology, I’m also intrigued by the latest science related to cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart health, nutrition etc. As I look into the recent thinking in these areas, I’m amazed at common themes that keep surfacing again and again, whether it’s information on treating diseases, how to be healthier, or how to be happier. Recent findings reinforce the strong connection between our mind and body. If we want to feel great, inside and out, we need to take care of both.

The themes that keep showing up for a better life are :

  1. Nutrition – Making healthy choices for what we eat such as cutting back or eliminating sugar, white flour, adding more non-starchy vegetables, berries, seeds, nuts, fish, etc.
  2. Activity – Staying active and moving to keep our blood pumping every day in ways that work for us
  3. Sleep – Finding and using the individualized sleep pattern that works best for us
  4. Social Networks – Building connection by spending time with people we care about and who care about us, that support and encourage us and help us be our best
  5. Thoughts – Choosing thoughts that help us cultivate positive emotions such as hope, gratitude, optimism, curiosity, calm and not getting stuck in negative emotions
  6. Autonomy – Finding ways to take control of our lives instead of feeling like a victim
  7. Meaning and purpose – Making sure that our lives contain a reason to get up in the morning, big or small
  8. Achievement – Learning and growing by getting outside our comfort zone to build our self-confidence and self-credibility

Could any of these areas use a little more attention in your life? Remember, it’s not about being perfect in each area, but about working towards a better balance.

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