Shouldn’t packing for vacation be fun? Our focus impacts our emotions

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A couple of months ago, I was packing to go on vacation. I was getting stressed because I couldn’t find my new swimsuit. I loved that suit! As I was tearing through my drawers and closet, it hit me – I had forgotten some clothes in a dresser at a hotel I had stayed at last fall. Darn! I had left it there!

Now I was going to have to quickly go shopping for another suit. I was feeling frustrated because I was in a rush, swimsuits aren’t cheap, and I knew I wouldn’t find another I liked as much as the one I had lost.

Not only that, I remembered that when I called the hotel last fall to ask them about my forgotten clothes, they couldn’t find them. The cleaning people must have removed them. Ugh!

I could feel my mood going downhill fast! But I didn’t want to let a little thing like a swimsuit dampen my enthusiasm for having a fun vacation. I had a choice!

I decided to shift my thinking. I was grateful that I did have some time to shop for a new suit. I had a coupon that would bring down the price. I was happy to have the opportunity to get away. I hoped that someone else was enjoying my lost suit and liked it as much as I had. 

There! I felt much better! 

Isn’t it amazing how our emotions are impacted by what we focus on? Sometimes we need reminders that we have that choice. Sometimes it’s harder than others. But in every situation, we do get to choose. This week, look for opportunities to shift your thinking and choose to focus on the bright side. See how you feel.

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