Does It Feel Like Things Never Go Your Way? Look for the Small Miracles

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How often do we think things like, Why does this always happen to me? Why do things never go my way? This is normal and automatic. It’s easy to notice when things don’t go the way we want.

But what about when things DO go our way? Are we tuned in enough to notice and appreciate them? Do we stop and savor these “small miracles?” 

My husband and I were reflecting on this idea recently. I had a project that took way longer than I thought. I needed to record and edit a bunch of videos for my new online course I was creating. But I kept procrastinating because it felt like a really big challenge that would take a lot of time and troubleshooting. It was turning into a stressful obstacle. At last, with some key help from friends, I was finished!! 

We had also been trying to sell our old pickup for several weeks. People would inquire but never call back. Finally, the right person came along and wanted it. When we started thinking from this perspective, we came up with a few other “small miracles” to savor. It felt really good!

Here’s one of my favorite recent miracles. My daughter couldn’t find her phone. We looked everywhere. She was extremely sad because she had saved to get the exact one she wanted. She would have to start over. As we retraced her steps, we realized she had had it in the car when we dropped her off for the bus. The next day, we returned to the drop-off point and there, laying by the side of the road in the snow, was her phone. Yes! We were amazed that it was intact; no one had run it over – yet.

What “small miracles” have happened to you this past month? Get help from a family member or friend if it’s hard. Spend some time appreciating what went your way. Notice how it feels.

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