Sometimes the Best Antidote Is Shared Gratitude

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Feeling stressed? Discouraged? Stuck? Gratitude is such a strong antidote to many negative emotions but only when we actually feel grateful. Sure, we can think about a list of things that are good in our life, but it has little effect until the meaning of it sinks in. I have a few tricks I’ve shared in a previous post about how to make this shift easier, but I want to share one of my favorites with you today.

When we share what we’re grateful for with another person, it can create a powerful connection and a feeling of gratitude. When my husband and I go for walks, it’s not uncommon for us to spend at least part of our time together discussing things we appreciate. It might be something related to our businesses. He has his own machine shop. It might be savoring where we live. We love being surrounded by our acres of woods in the beautiful Baraboo bluffs. Or it might be something else good going on in our lives. 

I love to have conversations with my friends and family about stuff we appreciate. It might be focused on things about each other, other friends, current situations and the list goes on.

We can purposely steer the topic towards those people, circumstances, and items we’re grateful for and then we can talk about why we appreciate them. Putting these thoughts into words with another person who listens and who cares does double duty to strengthen our relationship and to amplify our feelings of gratitude.

Give it a try. You can tell your family member or friend what you’re doing or you can try guiding the conversation. 

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