News Bulletin: Watch Out! I’m Just Not Myself Today

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What if we had a special pair of glasses that helped us see into people’s lives? Or maybe we could receive a news bulletin with the inside scoop about the people we are going to interact with today.

My friend seemed distracted and a little distant. The voice in my head wondered if she was mad at me. Or maybe she just wasn’t as excited to see me as she used to be. Maybe our friendship was fading. The reasons came streaming in.

Then she shared with me a wide variety of troubles that were on her mind. Some were serious health issues with close family members. Some were financial worries because of recent events in her life. She said, “I’m sorry that I’m just not myself today.”

My heart went out to her. I was so grateful that she had confided in me. No wonder she was acting differently!! It had nothing to do with me and nothing to do with the crazy ideas racing through my mind.

How often do we assume the worst and take it personally when people don’t behave the way we expect? We may never know what’s really going on with them, but it’s quite likely that it has nothing to do with us. So many people are struggling with worrisome issues related to their family, health, finances, relationships, jobs, etc. When I remember this, it’s easier for me to have more patience and tolerance when someone is grumpy, complaining, pessimistic, or reserved.

Awhile back, I saw this video. I really appreciated the part that starts around 1:40. It made me think. How would knowing that someone “was just not themself” change the way you might think about them, what you might say to them, and what you might do?

Try seeing beyond people’s outward “bad” behavior this week and consider what else might be going on in their lives. See if it changes your feelings about them.

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