What Do You Feed Your Mind? Is it a healthy diet?

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How do you feel after you watch the news? The media definitely understands our brains’ wiring to focus on the negative!! They will feed us reams of bad news because they know it will keep our attention. They know all about our brain’s survival instinct and use it to get more viewers. Now more than ever, there can be a fine line between “helpful to know” news and stories that just bring us down.

In his most recent newsletter, Dr. Colin Champ noted this about watching the news;

“Frankly, I liken it to sitting in a dark room surrounded by angry people yelling negative comments at me until I feel terrible about myself and everyone around me. How is this even considered a sane activity?”

What other content and messages do you feed your mind? Consider the TV programs, videos, movies, podcasts, music, websites, books, etc. that you choose. If we purposely surround ourselves with messages that focus on things that are helpful, encouraging, and positive, we give our brains good information to think about.

It’s not about ignoring the bad stuff; it’s about finding a healthier balance. This not only makes us feel better, but it’s also better for us mentally and physically. Kelly Turner, Ph.D., author of Radical Remission, writes that,

“Positive emotions are like rocket fuel for the immune system.”

We need to pay attention to the topics we discuss with friends and family. Instead of commiserating about upsetting events in the media, ask them to tell you about some of the good things happening in their lives. What are they looking forward to? It’s also great fun to reminisce about a past good time you shared.

I always feel energized and happier after hanging with some of my fun friends! And the boost continues as I remember our conversations and savor their friendships.

The type of information we feed our brains is analogous to the food we feed our bodies. If what we eat is healthy and nutritious, we feel better. If our mental diet is healthy, we feel better. Without intention and guidance from us, our brains would “chew on” the negative “junk food” they’re naturally wired to consume.

How can you add some good “food” and boost your mental and emotional nutrition?

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