My Life Is So Good! But I need to be reminded

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This Sunday morning I was walking back to my car after enjoying some lovely outdoor yoga in a park. I was chatting with a couple of the other students as we walked across the footbridge that crosses the river. When we reached the other side, one of my fellow yogis whispered, “Do you think they’re going to jump?” I hadn’t noticed the person sitting on the bridge on the other side of the safety fence, but she had. The river was high from the recent rain and this was a rocky stretch with rapids. If they jumped headfirst, they could easily break their neck and drown. 

I waited as she walked back to talk with them. When she returned, she told me she had asked them if they planned to jump. Their answer made my stomach clench. “I haven’t decided yet.” They made it clear they wanted her to leave and not bother them. My heart felt heavy and my eyes watered thinking about the pain this person must be in to even think about ending their life. I remembered the terrible tragedy of how our community had just lost a local 10-year-old girl to suicide a few days ago.

My fellow student called the local police dispatch to tell them about the situation. They were sending someone right away. She had training in suicide prevention and told me she would keep an eye on this person until the officer arrived.

As we talked, I thought of how lucky I am. My life is so wonderful! I have so many good things in my life with my family, friends, my career, my home, and the list goes on. I instantly realized how much I take it all for granted. And how so many people in my community are struggling in ways I can’t imagine.

This week, who can you reach out to who may be struggling? Just knowing someone cares can make a huge difference. And how can you see the challenges in other people’s lives as a reminder to be grateful for all the good in yours? Today’s events remind me of one of my favorite quotes;

“What a wonderful life I’ve had. I just wish I’d realized it sooner.” – Sidonie Gabrille Colette

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