Plan Ahead to Avoid the Winter Blues

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Right now, the leaves are at their peak color in the Baraboo Bluffs by my house. As I’m soaking in the beauty, I’m also haunted by what comes next. WINTER!! I’ll be honest. The cold weather, gray skies, and short days can make me feel lethargic, unmotivated, and overall just cruddy. AND this winter has so much uncertainty with it because of COVID. Yikes!

Do you ever suffer from the “winter blues?”

Last year was a little easier for me. I was immersed in finishing my online course, Keep Your Positive Edge – How to Build Your Immunity to People’s Negativity. It was something I was passionate about and it gave me an interesting reason to get up in the morning. So I’m trying to plan ahead for ways I can make this winter a little better, too.

Here’s a list of ideas that might help.

Plan a project that appeals to your interests. My daughter enjoys art so she’s going to paint a mural on one of the walls in her bedroom. It may be a bit messy and she may want to paint over it at some point, but the hassle is worth it if it makes winter a little easier.

Research about a new topic that fascinates you. Since my diagnosis with type 2 diabetes a couple of years ago, I’ve become passionate about learning the latest science on nutrition and disease. I’m planning on sharing some of the shocking discoveries as part of my business so I’m excited to keep digging.

Tackle a goal that would make you feel good. Do you want to eat healthier, exercise more, organize your closets or cupboards, get more sleep, etc? Getting in touch with the reason you want to make a change can provide the motivation you need to succeed.

Keep your social calendar full. Maybe you can’t see all your friends and family in-person, but you can intentionally schedule a call or video chat with someone every week (or more). Investing in your social network is so important for your physical, emotional, and mental health!

Keep your positivity battery charged. We’re all different so you have to find what works for you. Here’s a list with some easy and simple ideas to try.

Start planning now. It’s much easier to pick an idea before you’re feeling blue.

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