What Songs Bring Back Fond Memories? Let’s Reminisce!

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Yesterday morning I was listening to music as a positive intervention. As I was looking for the next song, YouTube suggested an A Cappella version of “Angel’s Among Us.” I loved this version and was teary-eyed by the end.

A few minutes later we were sitting around the table eating breakfast when my husband asked if he could share a story. He turned to our daughter and said, “I remember when you were little I was often the one to take you to swimming lessons at the pool. You were old enough to go into the women’s locker room to change by yourself, and I would anxiously wait for you on the other side. I would worry that you might go out the wrong door and end up back in the main hall instead of the pool area. But it was even worse when it was time to leave and I was waiting for you to dry off and get dressed. It seemed like you took forever. I’d be concerned that something had happened to you!”

He continued, “Then one day, one of the moms came out with her girl and told me that you were just about ready and would be out soon.” Suddenly, I realized there were other people looking out for you. I was relieved to know I didn’t have to worry.”

His story reminded me of the song; here was one of those angels among us.

Pretty soon, I was joining in with memories of her swimming lessons, like when she was so little we had to be in the pool with her. Taking the time to reminisce flooded my mind with happy memories. And how interesting that a song had started this cascade.

So often our thoughts dwell on unhappy memories like past arguments, dramas, or times people made us upset. But we can intentionally choose to replay past happy moments and songs can be great catalysts to get us started.

What songs bring back fond memories for you? Who can you talk to this week and reminisce about these special moments? “Do you remember when . . . ?”

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