I Need More Opportunities to Practice Being Positive

 In Focusing on the positive

My daughter’s friend told her how much she loved the iced mocha frappe at the drive-through coffee place in town so she couldn’t wait to try it. As we pulled into the line, I noticed that it was long and moving very, very, very slowly. Eventually, we placed our order and continued to wait.

When we got to the window to pay, I handed over my credit card. It dawned on me that the amount seemed a little too high. When I asked him about it, he realized they had looked at the wrong order. We waited even more as they struggled to correct the charge. We finally pulled up to the second window to get our frappe.

As I pulled away, my daughter looked down at the drink and said, “This is not mocha. This is caramel. I don’t like caramel!”

We turned back into the parking lot so she could run inside and correct the order. She quickly returned to say that the dining room was closed and we had to get back in line; the super long, super slow drive-through line. I was a little more than agitated.

We waited and waited. When we finally reached the speaker to order, I could hear the agitation in my voice. I crisply told the person about the mistake and how frustrated I was because the line was so slow. I apologized for sounding frustrated. I knew it wasn’t their fault, but hopefully, they could understand my irritation.

More waiting. When reached the first window, he handed us a coupon and apologized for the confusion. When we pulled up to the second window to get our iced coffee, they tried to give us a different order but we corrected them and this time we received or iced mocha frappe. Finally! This had taken forever!

As we drove away, my daughter finally had a chance to sample the special treat that her friend had recommended. After a few tastes, she discovered that she didn’t like it!! This quick stop for a special treat had turned into a total waste of time and money! We both laughed as she reminded me that I’m supposed to see the positive. Obviously, I still need opportunities to practice.

This week, see if you can turn life’s little challenges into opportunities to practice patience and staying positive.

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