A Quick Hack for Changing Your State

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Try this experiment. Stand up, raise your arms open wide to the sky. Look up with a big smile on your face and say, “I’m so sad!”

Now try this experiment. Sit down and slump over in your seat. Hang your head and put a frown on your face. Now whisper in a sad voice, “I’m so happy.”

Which force has the strongest influence on how you feel – your words or your body? Most people report that their expression and the posture of their body overpower their words.

But what if you combined your words and body? And what if you also focused on something that makes you feel good? Maybe it’s something or someone you’re grateful for. Or maybe it’s something you’re looking forward to.

It’s an easy experiment. Right now, think of something or someone that makes you happy, that you appreciate. Visualize the details. Imagine the sounds and smells associated with this person or thing. Soak it in for a minute or two. You could even try playing a song that makes it easier for you.

Now, keeping that visual, stand up, raise your arms open wide, smile, and say a phrase related to your vision. Maybe it’s, “I’m so grateful!” Or, “I feel great!” You could add a few deep breaths and repeat the phrase as many times as you want.

Tony Robbins talks about how we can use these three factors, body, language, and focus, to “change our state.” What state would make your day nicer? What state would make solving problems easier, What state would make your relationships better? I’m betting the answer is NOT a state of stress, frustration, or discouragement.

Of course, you may want to do this hack when you can be alone or close a door so people can’t see you. Or you could try doing this together with your family or friends.

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