Life’s Lesson I Learned from Warm Brownies

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This is one of my favorite early tips from seven years ago. Enjoy!


The brownies were fresh from the oven.  Still warm and fudgie and oh so yummy!  I was taking little bites so I could savor the chocolatey flavor.  These had to be some of the best brownies I’d ever had!

Suddenly, I realized I had gotten distracted and had started thinking of the next chore I wanted to get done.  I looked down at my plate.  My delectable brownie was GONE!!  I had missed out on enjoying those last bites . . .

It’s funny how right then it hit me; this is such a great analogy to how we live our lives.  We get busy, distracted, caught up in what we need to get done next and we forget to enjoy the moment.  Then it’s too late and the day is done, or the summer is over, or our kids have moved away, or our life is winding down. We don’t realize how quickly the time is passing until something happens that makes us stop and reflect. It reminds me of the quote by the author Colette,

What a wonderful life I’ve had. I only wished I’d realized it sooner.

What reminders can we use to help us pause?  I like to use pictures or quotes in my office, on my bathroom mirror, file cabinet, or refrigerator.  It could be a ring or bracelet.  Maybe it’s a book, card, or poster.  Here are some previous weekly tips to help us remember to take the time to pause, savor, and appreciate the moment.

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What tips do you have that remind you to enjoy the moment?

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