Are You More Like Chris or Terry?

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Are you more like Chris or Terry?

Chris likes to stay up on the latest news, so they watch it on TV first thing in the morning and have the national and local news on during dinner. They also have an app on their phone that notifies them of the latest headlines. Their day is constantly filled with what the media deems as important or what will catch people’s attention.

Terry wants to stay informed but doesn’t like the constant bombardment of negativity. Terry chooses to check the headlines online a few times a week. They find that the news has become more like an editorial with opinions instead of relevant facts, so when they do check the news, they look at a few different sources from different perspectives.

Chris has the advantage of knowing more news and usually is informed before Terry. But the continual bad news creates an underlying worry that adds to Chris’ stress and anxiety. They don’t realize how much it impacts their mood and their overall wellbeing. And most of the stories are about things Chris can’t control or help.

Terry may miss important news events, but they prefer to spend their time learning about other topics that interest them, like gardening, woodworking, and regenerative farming. They also belong to a couple of social media groups where they share ideas and best practices. They also enjoy documentaries on wildlife and history.

Fast forward to the end of their lives. Chris was more informed but less happy. In fact, the added stress caused some serious health issues for Chris. Terry was less informed on events around the world and nation but spent more time in curiosity and enthusiasm.

Which one do you think had a more enjoyable life? Which one probably had more patience and compassion because they were less stressed?

We all have different interests and can handle different levels of stress, but I do think that it’s worth considering how much the news may be affecting our lives. Would changing your news habits impact your wellbeing?

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