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Staying positive can be hard!  Life is constantly providing us with challenges, whether it’s at work, at home, with our relationships, with our health, etc. How can we find a better balance and spend more time feeling good?

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Check out my list of resources, including some of my favorite books & websites related to positivity, along with several of my articles on improving positivity at work.


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Keep Your Positive Edge online course Do you ever get tired of dealing with other people’s complaining, grumpiness, or pessimism? It’s hard to change other people, but there is another faster, more effective option; build your immunity! Create your free account and access the online course, Keep your Positive Edge:  How to Build Your Immunity to People’s Negativity, for 3 months.

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Book set Sharpen Your Positive EdgeEnjoy 80 short positivity tips in this free PDF version of my book, Sharpen Your Positive Edge:  Shifting Your Thoughts for More Positivity & Success. Find ideas that work for you, your life, and your personality.