From Irritation to Understanding: Harnessing the Pause-Notice-Choose Approach to Be Your Best Self

I was in another room when I heard my husband yelling from the kitchen, asking why I hadn’t taken out the garbage. I instantly felt annoyed and responded in an irritated tone, saying that I [...]

How Do You Make Others Feel? A Critical Way to Improve Relationships and Interactions

Have you ever stopped to think about how you make other people feel? Whether it’s a loved one or a difficult colleague, do they feel better or worse after interacting with you? Do they feel [...]

How often Do You Experience Enthusiasm?

If your email inbox is like mine, it’s stuffed with great advice about New Year’s resolutions. So I want to take a different approach. Instead of a resolution, I want to set an area [...]

My Favorite Ways to Feel Inspired

What do you use to inspire peace, happiness, purpose, and well-being in your life? Here are just a few of my favorites! What music do you listen to? Be the Change by Donna De Lory, anything be [...]

When Everything Changes in an Instant – What if You Had Been on Flight 1549?

For 90 long seconds, Ric knew he was about to die. The pilot had just shut off the sputtering engines and announced over the intercom these three words; “Brace for impact.” The [...]

The Freedom to Choose Your Thoughts = More Freedom from Stress

In the spirit of the July 4th Independence Day Holiday here in the United States, I wanted to talk about freedom this week; with a little twist. I want to talk about our own individual freedom [...]