Before You Start Your New Year . . .

One of the great things about writing a holiday letter to share is it makes you think back on the past year. What happened? What changed? What did you do that was different or interesting? In our [...]

A Quick Hack for Changing Your State

Try this experiment. Stand up, raise your arms open wide to the sky. Look up with a big smile on your face and say, “I’m so sad!” Now try this experiment. Sit down and slump [...]

Feeling Unappreciated? Here’s what made a HUGE difference for me

There were times when I used to feel unappreciated by my family. Like when I would do the dishes when that’s normally my husband’s chore and he didn’t notice. Or when I packed [...]

Are You Volunteering to Learn About Other People’s Problems? Watch your news consumption

What if everyone you encountered today stopped to tell you all their problems? Everyone at work. Everyone in the store. Everyone at the gas station. On top of that, everyone you knew was calling [...]