I’ve Been Saving All My Problems for You. Fake Positivity is Exhausting!

If you live with kids and/or a partner, have you ever felt like they save all their problems until they get home? Then they dump them out on you? After all, you’re their safety net, [...]

Are You Careful What You Care About?

I told my husband that my appointment was on Wednesday. Later, I realized he thought it was on Thursday. He said, “You told me it was Thursday.” I thought he heard me wrong. He [...]

Misunderstandings and Hurt Feelings – The role of our survival instinct

We just bought a popup camper! Yay! Since we’ve always used a tent, I’m looking forward to a more luxurious and comfortable experience. But we have a lot to learn. For example, my [...]

What Do You Like About Yourself?

It was the end of yoga class and we were in the traditional Savasana pose, laying on our backs, relaxing from our workout. As I was settling in, the instructor said, “Take a moment to thank [...]

We were driving down a four-lane highway on our way to an appointment. My husband was at the wheel. As he pulled over in the left lane to pass another driver, he commented on the long line of [...]

A Story that Touched My Heart and Deepened My Gratitude – My 4-Year-Old Guru

This morning, I found a newsletter in my email that included an article called My 4-Year-Old Guru, written by David Romanelli. I was quickly sucked into the story. (It has a happy ending.) David [...]