Do You Hate Asking for Help? Here are some reasons to change

Do you hate asking for help? Today I was thinking about two very dear friends in my life. One has a much easier time asking for help compared to the other.  I get it. I don’t like to bother [...]

But I Don’t Want To __________ (fill in the blank): Tips for overcoming procrastination

But I don’t wanna . . . clean the toilet, exercise, balance my checkbook, work on this project, etc.  Do you have a task you’re trying to avoid? How can you overcome the hurdle of not [...]

Does the Thought of a Warm, Yummy Piece of Apple Pie Make You Hungry? Using the Power of Our Imagination

A couple of the women at my yoga class this past week were talking about making apple pie and their favorite recipes. As they described the smell and taste, I jokingly said, “Stop! You’re making [...]

Is Your Life Like Riding the Bumper Cars at the Fair? Living a Purposeful Life

Do you ever feel like your life is living you instead of the other way around? Maybe there’s too much to do and no time to pause and consider what you actually want to do. Maybe it feels like [...]

Do You Know & Use Your Superpowers? Tapping into our strengths brings more success & happiness

I was hanging out with a new friend a few days ago.  I don’t know her real well, so it was fun to learn about her and hear her story.  She was sharing that she’s really good at art and marketing, [...]

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