The Other Driver Probably Thought I Was a Jerk – The problem with our stories

Have you ever been misunderstood or misunderstood someone else’s intentions? It’s because there’s a problem with our stories we tell ourselves. As I was approaching the [...]

Another Failed Experiment! It’s when things don’t work that we learn the most

Do we learn more when things go as expected or when they don’t? When I was a scientist working in the lab, I would commonly spend my days setting up experiments. The goal was to develop assays [...]

Want More Self-Confidence? Start with a Little Self-Compassion

Sheryl and her husband Dave were on a family vacation in Mexico. When Dave didn’t show up for dinner with friends, Sheryl rushed to the hotel’s fitness center to find him. To her horror, she [...]

Then I Heard a Loud CRUNCH! – What if mistakes are lessons in disguise?

Do you ever get mad at yourself for making a mistake? I was slowly backing out of the parking spot when I heard my husband yell something from the passenger seat. Too late! A moment later, I [...]

I Wanted to Get Up & Walk Out – Can we respectfully agree to disagree?

Have you ever known someone who couldn’t agree to disagree? I was having lunch with a new friend. We were having a great conversation about our similar values and goals. Then she brought up [...]

There’s So Much to Worry About – It’s Stressing Me Out

There’s so much to worry about, whether it’s our world, government, community, family, work, the list goes on. Does worry invade your mind and then set up camp? Have you ever noticed how hard it [...]

I Hate Winter! How Can I Stay Bright and Cheery When It’s Dark and Cold?

I have to be honest. This time of year can be difficult for me. And I’ve been hearing from a number of other people that the same is true for them. There are long stretches of darkness as the [...]