Ideas to Stop Negative Conversations

Have you ever wished you could change topics in a conversation? Maybe someone is going on and on about their problems or the world’s problems. It could be someone who is often negative. Or [...]

Letting Others Know It’s OK to Not Feel OK – Offering Validation Instead of Advice

This morning my daughter was headed off to a 10-hour shift at her retail job. She was tired and unenthusiastic. This was a new job so there was still the stress of trying to learn her role. She [...]

I Yelled “Get Out!” at My Little Daughter

When my daughter was in elementary school, I was fortunate to work from home. That meant I was able to meet her at the door to greet her, ask about her day, and if she wanted a snack. One day, I [...]

Feeling Unappreciated? Here’s what made a HUGE difference for me

There were times when I used to feel unappreciated by my family. Like when I would do the dishes when that’s normally my husband’s chore and he didn’t notice. Or when I packed [...]