From Irritation to Understanding: Harnessing the Pause-Notice-Choose Approach to Be Your Best Self

I was in another room when I heard my husband yelling from the kitchen, asking why I hadn’t taken out the garbage. I instantly felt annoyed and responded in an irritated tone, saying that I [...]

How Do You Make Others Feel? A Critical Way to Improve Relationships and Interactions

Have you ever stopped to think about how you make other people feel? Whether it’s a loved one or a difficult colleague, do they feel better or worse after interacting with you? Do they feel [...]

Ideas to Stop Negative Conversations

Have you ever wished you could change topics in a conversation? Maybe someone is going on and on about their problems or the world’s problems. It could be someone who is often negative. Or [...]

Letting Others Know It’s OK to Not Feel OK – Offering Validation Instead of Advice

This morning my daughter was headed off to a 10-hour shift at her retail job. She was tired and unenthusiastic. This was a new job so there was still the stress of trying to learn her role. She [...]