Are You Good at Asking for What You Need? Learning from the Masters of Boundaries

I’m super excited to share an excerpt of a blog from Darcy Luoma, a dear friend and amazing speaker, master coach, and facilitator. You can find the full blog here. Enjoy! I have one [...]

Do You Hate Asking for Help? Here are some reasons to change

Do you hate asking for help? Today I was thinking about two very dear friends in my life. One has a much easier time asking for help compared to the other.  I get it. I don’t like to bother [...]

I Wanted to Get Up & Walk Out – Can we respectfully agree to disagree?

Have you ever known someone who couldn’t agree to disagree? I was having lunch with a new friend. We were having a great conversation about our similar values and goals. Then she brought up [...]

I Don’t Want to Go to the Potluck – Working with People Who Are More Reserved

I had the pleasure of speaking at a conference this past week where I shared my program on understanding and appreciating our differences for improved communication, collaboration, and [...]

You Use Your Teeth More Than You Use a Car – How Our Role Shifts Our Perspective

I was complaining that my teeth have cost me a lot of money. “In fact,” I whined, “I could buy a really nice car with all the money I’ve spent at the dentist.” The other person had no sympathy. [...]

The Power of Questions: How Curiosity Can Foster Connection and Understanding

I’m excited to share a guest blog from a positivity expert I recently discovered, Robyn Stratton-Berkessel. When I saw this post from her on the power of being curious about others and how [...]