What Makes a Chicken Happy?

A couple of weeks ago, we received 40 baby chicks in the mail. This is the third year we’ve raised them. I’m amazed at how much I enjoy seeing them grow from little fuzz balls to big [...]

Go Ahead and Cry

I’m at the store and notice a mom with a small child. I quickly catch on that the child is holding a toy they want their mom to buy for them, but the mom is telling them to put it back. The [...]

Ideas to Make Gratitude Easier

I used to have a nightly habit of reflecting on things in my life I was grateful for before falling asleep. I’ve realized that somehow I’ve let that practice slip. How about you? Do [...]

When to Stop Thinking

My daughter was upset. A friend had said she was too busy with homework to get together, but then she posted a picture of her shopping with other friends. Why didn’t she just tell her the [...]