Does the Thought of a Warm, Yummy Piece of Apple Pie Make You Hungry? Using the Power of Our Imagination

A couple of the women at my yoga class this past week were talking about making apple pie and their favorite recipes. As they described the smell and taste, I jokingly said, “Stop! You’re making [...]

The Power of Switching One Word – What do you “get” to do?

It’s a Monday morning so I have to wake up extra early because I have to  help my daughter get ready for school.  I have to pack her a lunch and a snack for school.  Then I have to do some [...]

Amplify the Power of Your Thoughts – synergize your mind and body

I’m fascinated by how our thoughts affect our mood and our reality, but there’s also an emerging area of intriguing research that shows how our body posture influences our mood.  Just think about [...]

Do You Know Your Own Strengths?

We all have different innate talents and strengths. You may be thinking, “Sure – that’s true for others, but not me.” The challenge is that we often don’t realize what our strengths are. We [...]

Please Don't Make Me Go

I spoke too soon. Summer classes are causing a lot of drama in our family after all. My daughter has decided she would rather get rolled in poison ivy than have to go to her summer classes [...]

Can Fear Lead to Happiness?

Have you ever experienced that fear of trying something new? Maybe it’s the first time you jumped off the diving board, went rock climbing, or went to a new social event by yourself. The first [...]