Use Everything DiSC® to Open Doors & Minds

Interacting with others is a critical part of our work and lives. Yet, these interactions can become challenging when another person has different ideas and priorities than us. If we expand our perspective to understand and appreciate our differences, we also expand our opportunities.

Tina is excited to offer Everything DiSC® personality assessments and workshops. DiSC is an acronym for the four main categories of personalities,

  • Dominance
  • Influence
  • Steadiness
  • Conscientiousness

Combining these assessments with Positive Psychology, her insight and guidance will help your teams, your salespeople, and your entire workforce not only discover their personal styles but, more importantly, create an actionable plan to put that valuable information to work to maximize teamwork, collaboration, and connection. 

Now introducing, the CatalystTM Platform!

Making it easier for people to have more effective relationships by providing personalized content, insights, and tips in a quickly accessible format.

Whether it’s a computer or mobile devices, the new Catalyst version:

  • Includes the results of the Everything DiSC® assessment in a guided flow so your team can more easily adapt their behavior
  • Allows learners to go deeper into their DiSC style and the DiSC theory in a fun and engaging format
  • Provides learners access to their colleagues’ profiles so they can quickly understand their preferences and style
  • Makes it easy to access detailed comparison reports containing real-time tips on how to better engage with their colleague

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Better Work with Everything DiSC Workplace®

This is a great assessment for improving teamwork and developing a stronger culture of connection. Your personalized 20-page report includes:

  • The priorities that shape your workplace experience
  • Your motivators and stressors
  • Your potential limitations
  • Insights into your reaction to other personal styles and their motivators
  • Strategies to increase your effectiveness with different personal styles
  • A handy personalized style index as a quick reference to other styles

Check out a sample Workplace Report here.

BONUS:  Unlimited, free Everything DiSC® Comparison Reports:  Any two people who have taken an Everything DiSC® assessment can generate a customized 10-page report that compares them based on 6 different behavioral styles: two that are most similar, two that are most different, and two to spark a conversation. This is an amazing tool for two people who are working closely together, who are experiencing conflict, or for managers and direct reports.

Check out a sample Comparison Report here.

Disc positive psychology

Workplace Priorities

Better Sales Results with Everything DiSC Sales®

This report uses your individual assessment data to provide a wealth of insight about your sales priorities and preferences. In addition, you’ll learn how to connect better with customers whose priorities differ from yours. Each report includes:

  • The priorities that shape your sales experience
  • Your sales strengths and challenges
  • Tips for recognizing different buying styles
  • Insights into understanding what drives different customers and their expectations
  • Strategies to adapt to different customers’ styles, and how to develop an action plan

Check out a sample Sales Report here.

BONUS:  Unlimited, free Everything DiSC Sales Customer Interaction Maps:  One-page follow-up reports detailing how you can adapt your style to meet the needs of a real-life customer, by comparing your selling style to their buying style.

Check out a sample Customer Interaction Map here.

DiSC and Positive Psychology

Sales Priorities

One of the biggest limitations for our careers (and our lives) is our inability to recognize how other people perceive us, and to adapt our style for improved trust, productivity and overall effectiveness in our jobs. – Tina Hallis, Ph.D.

Wiley continues to invest in and develop its Everything DiSC® tools. The current suite of offerings includes customized solutions for:

  • The Workplace
  • Management
  • Sales
  • Leaders
  • Productive Conflict (New!)

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Contact Tina to learn how your people could benefit from an Everything DiSC® assessment and workshop!