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Favorite Books


  • The Metabolic Approach to Cancer by Nasha Winters
  • The Cancer Code by Jason Fung
  • How to Starve Cancer by Jane McLelland
  • Radical Remission by Kelly Turner
  • Radical Hope by Kelly Turner
  • Any Way You Can by Annette Bosworth
  • Keto for Cancer by Miriam Kalamian
  • Tripping Over the Truth: The Metabolic Theory of Cancer by Travis Christofferson

Food and Diet

  • The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat, and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet by Nina Teicholz
  • The Complete Guide to Fasting by Jason Fung
  • The Obesity Code by Jason Fung
  • Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease by Rober Lustig
  • The Whole-Body Microbiome: How to Harness Microbes-Inside and Out-for Lifelong Health by Brett Finlay


  • The Diabetes Code by Jason Fung


  • The End of Alzheimer’s by Dale Bredesen

General Health

  • Unconventional Medicine by Chris Kresser
  • Why We Get Sick by Benjamin Bikman
  • Lies My Doctor Told Me by Ken Berry
  • Mind Over Medicine by Lissa Rankin
  • Undoctored by William Davis

Favorite Websites

Find a Physician/Coach/Nutritionist

  • Functional Medicine Doctors –
  • Naturopaths –
  • Nutritionists –
  • Homeopaths –
  • Traditional Chinese herbalists –
  • Radical remission coaches –
  • Metabolic cancer physicians trained by Dr. Nasha Winters –
  • ADAPT health coaches trained by Chris Kresser –
  • Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners –
  • Doctors, Clinics & Nutrition Consultants for metabolic therapies and the ketogenic diet –

Other Cancer Resources

  • specializing in mistletoe therapy for cancer
  • – Block Center for integrative cancer treatment in Chicago
  • – Cancer Center For Healing | Integrative Cancer Clinic

Other Health Resources