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Is your sales team looking for training with a new twist they can use to increase their success?

How about finding better ways to create stronger and faster connections with their customers?

Tina’s sales training helps people tap into the power of understanding their own minds and the minds of their customers. This provides an inside-advantage that can take their sales process and results to the next level. Tina’s programs combine positive psychology, neuroscience, and Everything DiSC® personality theory to help your team be more . . .


Everything DiSC Sales The Positive Edge

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Mind Game of Sales-The Positive Edge

Winning the Mind Game of Sales I: Improving Your Optimism to Minimize Stress & Maximize Results

(Keynote or Workshop)

We often hear that succeeding in sales is a numbers game. Yet, as anyone in sales knows, it’s also a mind game. A great customer experience depends on professionals bringing a positive, can-do attitude to their work every day. Studies show that positivity and optimism drive sales results. Yet constant rejection and challenging customers can drain energy and motivation. The great news? Increasing optimism can be learned. It’s where this program’s simple but powerful science-based strategies, to build positivity and resilience, make all the difference.

Winning the Mind Game of Sales-The Positive Edge

Winning the Mind Game of Sales II:  Understanding Customers from the Inside-Out

(Keynote or Workshop)

Customers have different buying styles and preferences. It’s why understanding the perspective and priorities of each customer is critical for sales success. They key is to also recognize your sales style, so you can adapt to create a positive interaction. This program helps you quickly gain insights into how your customers think, so you can relate and connect at a deeper level using neuroscience and personality theory based on Everything DiSC®.

“Our team overwhelmingly chose Tina’s presentation on DiSC personalities as a highlight of the 2-day National Sales Meeting. I was particularly impressed at how well she was able to adapt her presentation to fit our company culture and professional field.  We look forward to continuing to work with Tina to continue our staff development and build on the knowledge gained at our National Meeting throughout the year.  Well done!

Marci Birkes- Geffert
Training Specialist, Midwestern BioAg