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Is your organization losing productivity because of poor cooperation and collaboration between teams or departments?

Is the culture actually hurting the bottom line?

Imagine a positive culture where each person in your organization brought their very best to work each day. Where team members were comfortable sharing new ideas, collaborating for the greater good, and contributing to an environment that positively motivated all staff. You’d have a powerful advantage. You’d have a workplace that is . . .


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Maximizing Communication, Collaboration & Connection:  Understanding & Appreciating Our Differences

(Keynote or Workshop)

We don’t observe the world. We interpret it based on our personal perspectives.  Having teams with diverse perspectives, shaped by different life experiences and personalities, can be great for innovation. It  can also make interactions challenging. Understanding and reminding ourselves that these differences are not bad – but rather interesting – improves our ability to connect, collaborate, and communicate with the people around us.  This program helps people understand their perspectives, and identify and adapt to those of others.


Creating a Positive Performing Workplace:  Using Positivity to Drive Your Bottom Line

(Keynote or Workshop)

Negativity hurts performance, productivity and profitability. This program focuses on two key factors that can shift a work culture towards more positivity: work environment and individual perspectives. Tina shares actionable strategies leaders can use to help employees (and themselves) develop a more positive perspective that leads to greater teamwork, engagement and resilience.  The program includes discussion on creating a positive work environment that drives positive performance.

“The time you spent with us presenting the DiSC workshop was great. Our team really enjoyed better understanding our own and others’ personalities and work styles. Little pieces like how to work best with each other and what style we are have come up in conversation on numerous occasions since.  Our team thrives off the discussion components you worked into the presentation. So it was great to work in the small groups and also have larger group conversations. I really believe it brought us a lot closer and those who missed out, well, missed out.”

Laura Portz
Innovation Consultant, Innovation Team at American Family Insurance