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Do You Wish There Was More Cooperation & Less Frustration Among Your People?

Two critical characteristics for improving our interactions include staying calm and understanding the other person’s perspective. Tina’s fun and engaging programs will show your people how to build their immunity to the words and attitudes of others so they can thoughtfully choose their response. They will also learn how to broaden their perspective to better appreciate differences in opinions. The result? Teams who are more . . . INNOVATIVE—CONNECTED—EFFECTIVE

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Tina’s proprietary Immunity to Negativity Formula™ transforms the science into an easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply framework for audiences.

“Our team overwhelmingly chose Tina’s presentation on DiSC personalities as a highlight of the National Sales Meeting. Tina was professional and skilled at engaging the audience and got our often reluctant group moving. I was particularly impressed at how well she was able to adapt her presentation to fit our company culture.”

Marci Birkes- Geffert

Training Specialist, Midwestern BioAg


Building Your Immunity to People’s Negativity: Maximizing Teamwork & Customer Relations

(Keynote or Workshop)
Other people’s negativity, such as complaining, grumpiness, or pessimism, can drain our energy and bring us down. This program is all about helping you (and your people) be your best. Even though it can be difficult to change colleagues and customers, we can reduce our stress and frustration by changing how we respond. Staying positive and calm is easier when we learn how to build our immunity.

Perfect for . . .

  • Departments or teams such as HR or customer service who have to deal with difficult people
  • Any group that could use help staying positive when other people are not
Immunity to Negativity Formula

Understanding & Appreciating Our Differences: Optimizing Communication, Cooperation, & Connection

Exceptional Collaboration

It’s normal for people to feel frustrated when their approaches to problems, their values, and their beliefs differ from others. The key is to understand that we all have our own perspective and realize that these differences aren’t bad – but interesting and valuable. This program explores the many facets that shape the way we see our world and ways to help us connect, from personality assessments to team building activities. When people understand each other better, it’s easier to appreciate their differences.

Perfect for . . .

  • People from different departments or backgrounds who want to collaborate better
  • Any groups that want to improve their effectiveness and build connection
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Tina works with you to understand what kind of experience you want to create for your group, including their goals, needs, and challenges. Depending upon the situation, this may be as simple as answering a few questions via email, or it may be a series of meetings with multiple people from your organization. She then selects the content, stories, and images that will resonate and create a connection with your people.

Together, you and Tina will decide on the ideal format, length, and amount of interaction that’s best for your event. Whether it’s a more entertaining keynote or a more hands-on workshop, you can be confident your people will feel that Tina understands their situation.


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