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Do you wish your people were more cooperative and collaborative with each other and with your customers ?

Are people’s complaining, grumpiness, or pessimism bringing down your teams ?

So much of our success at work is based on our ability to have productive and positive interactions with our team members and our customers. When people learn how to better manage these relationships and their reactions to challenging coworkers or customers, they elevate the performance of their team and themselves.  Now you have true collaboration where people are . . .



Building Your Immunity to People’s Negativity:  Maximizing Teamwork & Customer Relations

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Other people’s negativity, whether it’s from customers, coworkers or family members, can drain our energy and bring us down. Changing other people is hard, but we do have the power to change the situation by how we respond. This dynamic program uses Tina’s proprietary five-step “Immunity to Negativity Formula™” to show people how they can use simple tools to help them stay calm and choose to respond as their best self. This is a key skill we can build to optimize our customer service, teamwork, and relationships while enjoying less stress and frustration.

Immunity to Negativity Formula

Exceptional Collaboration

Understanding & Appreciating Our Differences:  Optimizing Communication, Cooperation, & Connection

(Keynote or Workshop)

Have you noticed tension between certain team members in your department? This can be a common situation when our approach to problems, our values, and our beliefs differ. When we can understand that we all have our own perspective, shaped by different backgrounds and personalities, we can realize that these differences aren’t bad – but interesting and valuable. Learning how to broaden our perspective improves our ability to connect, collaborate, and communicate with the people around us. This program uses neuroscience and DiSC personality styles to help people understand their perspectives, and identify and adapt to the perspectives of others.

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“Our team overwhelmingly chose Tina’s presentation on DiSC personalities as a highlight of the 2-day National Sales Meeting. I was particularly impressed at how well she was able to adapt her presentation to fit our company culture and professional field.  We look forward to continuing to work with Tina to continue our staff development and build on the knowledge gained at our National Meeting throughout the year.  Well done!

Marci Birkes- Geffert
Training Specialist, Midwestern BioAg