Are More Motivated, Engaged, & Resilient

Is morale at your organization suffering because of change or overwhelm?

Tina’s interactive and dynamic programs teach your people how to build their positivity skills using her proprietary Path for Positivity™ framework. They leave with easy-to-apply, yet powerful science-based insights and strategies they can use immediately in their busy day to shift their thinking.  The result? People who are more . . . MOTIVATED—ENGAGED—RESILIENT

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Tina makes key takeaways memorable with a little chemistry “magic” 

The Path for Positivity™


“Thank you Tina for your presentation! It became very evident that you had carefully listened during our pre-conference discussions about the challenges and concerns we face as an organization working through a reorganization process. Survey results from attendees rated you exceptionally positive.” 

Matt Hanson
Southwest Regional Director – UW-Extension


Sharpening Your Positive Edge:  Shifting Your Thoughts for More Positivity & Success

Sharpen Your Positive Edge

(Keynote or Workshop)
Work (and life) can be hard! It’s easy to get stuck focused on all the problems and challenges that stress us out. The exciting news is that we have another option. We can override our natural negative bias and notice more of the good. This program’s strategies and insights, based on Tina’s proprietary, science-based Path for Positivity™, make that choice easier. The result is a more enjoyable work experience, less stress, more success, and a higher quality of life.

Perfect for . . .

  • Organizations or teams who are struggling with morale or going through difficult times
  • Organizations who believe in investing in their people so they can be their best

Finding Balance during Ambiguity & Uncertainty:  Staying Positive when Things Get Tough

Program by Tina Hallis

(Keynote or Workshop)
It’s natural to worry how upcoming changes in our organization will affect our work and lives. In fact, we’re wired to anticipate the worst possible outcome. This is an important part of our survival instinct. Yet, there are things we can do to shift our thinking and stay more positive despite the uncertainty. This interactive program uses The Path for Positivity™ framework as a foundation to help people experience less anxiety, a smoother transition, and higher productivity.

Perfect for . . .

  • Organizations or teams going through a change such as adopting a new technology, system, organizational structure, or leader.
  • Organizations or teams who are dealing with a lot of uncertainty in the future of their industry, company, or jobs.

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Tina works with you to understand what kind of experience you want to create for your group, including their goals, needs, and challenges. Depending upon the situation, this may be as simple as answering a few questions via email, or it may be a series of meetings with multiple people from your organization. She then selects the content, stories, and images that will resonate and create a connection with your people.

Together, you and Tina will decide on the ideal format, length, and amount of interaction that’s best for your event. Whether it’s a more entertaining keynote or a more hands-on workshop, you can be confident your people will feel that Tina understands their situation.

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All sessions include:

Add valuable options that reinforce and deepen the message:

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