Are More Collaborative, Productive, & High-Performing

Would You Like to Create a Work Environment that Makes It Easier for Everyone to Be Their Best?

Imagine a positive culture where each person in your organization brought their very best to work each day. Where team members were comfortable sharing new ideas, collaborating for the greater good, and contributing to an environment that positively motivated all staff. You’d have a powerful advantage. You’d have a workplace that is  . . . INNOVATIVE—CONNECTED—EFFECTIVE

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Tina energizes audiences with fun activities like “Positivity Takes Flight” with neon paper airplanes

“We are always looking for ways to support our associates in maintaining a healthy life/work balance. 2020 brought new and difficult challenges and Tina’s content and delivery were timely and very well-received. Her approach to spending time upfront to understand the needs of our team and organization created a truly focused and actionable program! Participants genuinely enjoyed the learning experience, and the practicality of concepts presented. An investment in your team’s well-being!”

Kenneth Lammersfeld

Park Bank / Senior Vice President Chief Strategy & Development Officer


Creating a Positive Performing Workplace: Using Positivity to Drive Your Bottom Line

(Keynote or Workshop)
Negativity hurts performance, productivity, and profitability. This program focuses on two key factors that can shift a work culture towards more positivity: work environment and individual perspectives. Tina shares actionable strategies leaders can use to help employees (and themselves) develop a more positive perspective that leads to greater teamwork, engagement, and resilience.  The program also explores how leaders can take action on the 5 pillars that support a positive work situation for their organization.

Perfect for . . .

  • Leaders who understand their role in their employees’ positivity and productivity
  • Leaders of organizations or teams who are looking for ways to improve their work culture

Building Trust in Remote Teams:  Elevating Innovation, Collaboration, & Accountability

(Keynote or workshop)

How can leaders keep their teams connected with the limitations of virtual meetings? Suddenly, it’s more important than ever for each member to understand and appreciate their differences; to see beyond the screen and see each other’s human-side to maintain trust. This timely program unveils the neuroscience of connection and why it’s critical for optimum teamwork. But more importantly, leaders will leave with specific strategies and tools they can use with their people.

Perfect for . . .

  • Leaders who want to improve the innovation and productivity of their remote teams
  • Leaders who want to increase psychological safety in their remote teams

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Tina works with you to understand what kind of experience you want to create for your group, including their goals, needs, and challenges. Depending upon the situation, this may be as simple as answering a few questions via email, or it may be a series of meetings with multiple people from your organization. She then selects the content, stories, and images that will resonate and create a connection with your people.

Together, you and Tina will decide on the ideal format, length, and amount of interaction that’s best for your event. Whether it’s a more entertaining keynote or a more hands-on workshop, you can be confident your people will feel that Tina understands their situation.


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All sessions include:

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