Wisdom Teeth, Hot Water, & an Oven – Reminders of How Good I Have It

What do wisdom teeth, hot water, and an oven have in common? They’re three recent events that have helped me notice things I take for granted. A few days ago, my daughter had her wisdom [...]

I Was Enjoying a Beautiful Sunday Morning Until . . . Focusing on Fixing

This particular Sunday morning was spectacular!  It was one of the first warm, spring mornings where I could sit outside in my PJ’s on the deck and not get chilled. There were so many birds [...]

Learning About Life and Truly Living – Lessons from a Dear Friend

In the spring of 2015, I reconnected with a past coworker I hadn’t seen in almost 13 years.  She’d heard of my new focus on speaking about positivity and had asked if we could meet for coffee.  [...]

Does this Positivity Stuff Actually Make a Difference? Here’s my story

I often quote the benefits of spending more time in positive emotions based on a variety of studies, but there’s nothing like a personal example to help make it real so I wanted to share my [...]

Is Someone Bugging You? – Tips to help you appreciate others

Ever notice how once you focus on something that BUGS you about someone, everything they do starts to bug you?  It seems like the only thing you can notice is their faults.  Then this feeling [...]

Gratitude and Chicken Guts

When it comes to thinking about gratitude, it’s common to reflect on those things we appreciate in our lives.  But there are many twists we can take with gratitude.  For instance, we can be [...]

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