Happiness is about balance – The lasagna principle & too much of a good thing

I love opportunities to get together with my friends; to chat and have fun. But I also look forward to those days where I’m at home, by myself. I’ve come to recognize that finding the right [...]

Understanding Work-Life Balance: 3 Myths

The term, work/life balance, is incredibly misleading.  It sounds so simple.  After all, there are only two things to balance.  How hard can that be? But from experience, we know there has to be [...]

What is Your Mental Diet? How About Adding Some Good Stuff?

Last week, I wrote about how we notice what we look for and can miss the rest.  It can be easy to miss the good stuff that’s in our day and in our lives, because our natural survival instinct has [...]

Reconsidering Positive Affirmations

A new approach to positive affirmations with How and Why I’ve never been a big fan of positive affirmations. You know the ones – positive phrases you’re suppose to repeat to yourself that [...]

Work/Life Balance Is not a Noun-The ACTION of finding our positive balance

I sometimes get asked to speak on “Work/Life Balance.”  From my studies of Positive Psychology and from my own experience, I’ve found that this balance is not something we can FIND.  [...]

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