Sometimes the Best Antidote Is Shared Gratitude

Feeling stressed? Discouraged? Stuck? Gratitude is such a strong antidote to many negative emotions but only when we actually feel grateful. Sure, we can think about a list of things that are [...]

Being Thankful this Season: Are You Doing Gratitude Wrong?

The holidays and the upcoming New Year make this a great time to reflect and be thankful for all we have. The spirit of Thanksgiving is a perfect example. Yet, it can be easy to get caught up in [...]

Do You Rise & Shine? Setting Your Morning Intention for a Brighter Day

This is one of my favorite positivity tips from my new book, Sharpen Your Positive Edge:  Shifting Your Thoughts for More Positivity & Success.  Now that school is out and mornings are less [...]

The Best Sleep Aid: Try a little gratitude to calm your mind

Do you ever have trouble falling asleep? Or maybe you wish you had more peaceful sleep? I’ve found that practicing a little gratitude before I go to sleep is a great way to calm my mind and [...]

This Is Too Good to Be True: Why we protect ourselves against joy

I had the incredible opportunity to see and listen to some of my favorite thought-leaders at the Work Human conference last week, including Shawn Achor, Simon Sinek, Tony Schwartz, David Rock, [...]

Pausing for a Moment of Gratitude – Besides feeling good, there are many benefits

How often do you pause to be grateful?  I know how good it makes me feel and I’ve read about the many benefits, so I want to find more times to experience gratitude. So as I sit here, working in [...]

Why a Snack Gave Me Immense Gratitude – Using a “difficult situation” to create appreciation

I was in the kitchen, catching up on the day with my husband. I suddenly noticed I was hungry and decided I could use a little snack. A huge wave of gratitude washed over me as I checked in the [...]

Why I’m Grateful for Singing in the Shower, Star Trek, and Straws

I agree.  These sound like very strange things to be grateful for, but let me explain.  The reason I listed “singing in the shower,” is because my 10-year-old daughter loves to belt out a song [...]

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