What if Someone Finished It for You? Appreciating Struggle in Our Achievements

Imagine you’re working hard on a project; maybe your sculpting, painting, cooking, woodworking, crafting, etc. You’re busy creating something you’re excited about. You’re trying different [...]

Discouragement – Don’t Let It Steal Your Dreams

I find discouragement can slowly creep in and take over my mood, or it can suddenly hit me like a crashing wave.  Either way, I feel heavy, dispirited, and I totally lose motivation.  I feel like [...]

My Insight from the TV Show, Alone

We just finished watching season 2 of “Alone” on The History Channel.  I have to say, it was a little different than what I expected.  The show starts with 10 people being dropped off, each in [...]

Grit – One of the most important traits for success (Could you use more?)

Why are some people more successful than others? Intuitively, we may think it’s because they must be smarter or more talented.  Sure, all of these can be important ingredients, but not if the [...]