Promote Stronger Connections Among Your Remote Workers with These Ideas

Although some people love working from home while others can’t wait to get back in the office, there’s one struggle they have in common – staying connected with their coworkers, their teams, and their bosses. Studies repeatedly show that feelings of connection and belonging are critical for employee and organizational success. These feelings are the foundation for trust, collaboration, and motivation.

Access the free article, “Ideas to Keep Your People Engaged and Connected While Working from Home” for more than 30 ideas for activities to promote feelings of connection and belonging in your virtual team.

Discover the 5 Critical Areas for Creating a More Positive Workplace 

As you know, positive and engaged employees are key to your company’s success and bottom line. So, it’s important to consider what factors are at the foundation of people’s positivity at work. Two critical ones to consider are the work situation and employees’ individual perspectives.

Learn more about the work situation and five key areas that make the biggest impact. Consider each of these to find more ways your organization can help your people to be their most positive and engaged selves.

Catalyze Your Positivity with these Weekly Tips

Staying positive can be hard!  Life is constantly providing you with challenges, whether it’s at work, at home, with your relationships, with your health, etc. How can you find a better balance and spend more time feeling good? These weekly tips can help.

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