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Now more than ever, people desperately need more POSITIVITY!

Tina does LIVE & VIRTUAL programs to help your organization have more . . .

Positive PEOPLE

Positive PEOPLE








Workplace STRESS Costs U.S. Companies $500 Billion Each Year Due to . . .









According to a 2015 report from the American Psychological Association

Help your people slice through the stress and overwhelm with


Are your people stressed because of . . .

  • change and uncertainty?

  • challenging customers or coworkers?

  • feeling overwhelmed?

This stress can lead to . . .

  • reduced performance

  • disengagement

  • poor customer relations

Build their positivity skills so they can be more . . .

  • productive

  • engaged

  • collaborative

“Tina’s message on positivity was exactly what our people needed to hear to keep a positive attitude and more easily navigate the changes they are experiencing.” – Brian Collien, Quartz / Chief Business Development Officer

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Tina Hallis speaking highlights about shifting your thinking
Keep Your Positive Edge online course



How to Build Your Immunity to People’s Negativity

Whether it’s improving customer service, the patient experience, or overall teamwork, staying calm and choosing the best response is key. This course uses the 5-step “Immunity to Negativity FormulaTM to show you how.

Sharpen Your Positive Edge Book by Positivity Speaker Tina Hallis



Shifting Your Thoughts for More Positivity & Success

Life can be hard! This book is stocked with 80 short but powerful strategies to help busy people like you Sharpen Your Positive Edge, by shifting your thinking so you can be more motivated, happier, and less stressed.

  • Tina is amazing! Tina is a scientist and all her content is researched based, and yet her delivery is fun and entertaining! She can hold her own with those who are looking for factual data, and provide the light-hearted humor needed to keep all others engaged.

    Karrie Landsverk AmericanWay University
  • Your presentation on positive psychology was so engaging, as demonstrated by the active participation of our group. And your personal story about using positive psychology to help you as you build your business was so relevant to our group. Thank you again for a wonderful program!

    Sue Berg President, Evansville Area I&E Club
  • I can't say enough about how much we enjoyed working with Tina and valued the sometimes forgotten aspect of stress management in our well-being. I would highly recommend her if you have the opportunity.

    Denise Winder St. Mary's Hospital
  • Tina Hallis brings a perfect combination of intelligence, science, heart and passion to her work. Her infectious enthusiasm for helping individuals and corporations thrive is backed by well researched facts that are delivered to her audiences in a manner that engages, informs and entertains them.

    Bev H.
  • Tina's presentation on "Being Happier at Work...and In Life" resulted in some of the most positive comments of any employee engagement event held all year. She makes the experience fun and informative with her positive attitude and engaging presentation style.

    Beth Frey iWin Co-Events Lead at Thermo-Fisher
  • Tina's session at our ATD¬chapter event was great! The content was very relevant for our audience and the strategies she shared to stay positive while challenged with transitions in our jobs will be a big help. I received very positive feedback and have heard that some are already implementing her tips.

    Alicia Steindorf Co-Vice President of Programming for the Association for Talent Development - Madison Area Chapter
  • Kudos to Tina Hallis, PhD from The Positive Edge for providing incredible insight and resources for our community. Tina's enthusiasm, humor, and examples of real-life experiences showed the audience how to truly change the way we see and interact with the world around us.

    Margaret Straub Oregon-Brooklyn Optimist Club
  • Tina did a magnificent job of sharing her considerable expertise and knowledge on the topic "The Surprising Truth about Goals and Willpower." It was an all around great evening of fun and experiential learning. I highly recommend Tina as a keynote for any audience. She is awesome!

    Barbara Boustead Owner of Mary's Daughter, LLC
  • Tina's presentation on motivation was excellent for our group of healthcare professionals because it hit the right blend of thoughtful, factual research along with a fun, positive energy that left our attendees inspired.

    Wendy Sulzer Community Relations Manager, BrightStar Care
  • Tina did a great job interacting with the team at our all employee meeting! Her focus on positive thinking during times of change held the groups attention the entire time. She left us all with tools and takeaways that will continue to reinforce the message she delivered!

    Albert Curl Vice President, Hometown Bank
  • I saw Tina present earlier this year at a Connect Madison event and it was very eye opening for me. It impacted me so much, I went to my manager the next day and told her how excited I was about Tina and that our company could use some of that positive energy and way of thinking.

    Valerie Vander Loop Sample Collection Supervisor
  • Our team overwhelmingly chose Tina's presentation on DiSC personalities as a highlight of the National Sales Meeting. Tina was professional and skilled at engaging the audience and got our often reluctant group moving. I was particularly impressed at how well she was able to adapt her presentation to fit our company culture.

    Marci Birkes- Geffert Training Specialist, Midwestern BioAg
  • The time you spent with us presenting the DiSC workshop was great. Our team really enjoyed better understanding our own and others' personalities and work styles. Little pieces like how to work best with each other and what style we are have come up in conversation on numerous occasions since.

    Laura Portz Innovation Consultant, Innovation Team at American Family Insurance
  • Thank you Tina for your presentation! Survey results from attendees rated you exceptionally positive. Educators can be a challenging group to teach and engage, but you effectively reached the large group and successfully tied many of the concepts of the program into your final presentation.

    Matt Hanson Southwest Regional Director - UW-Extension
  • I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for giving the Sauk Prairie Chamber your time last week. I have heard nothing but RAVE reviews about you, your topic and presentation style. Five stars!

    Tywana German Executive Director, Sauk Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce
  • "Loved the concrete tips she gave for positivity! I will definitely use!" "I gained some actual strategies for enhancing positivity. " "I really liked learning about the science. The ideas to create positive moments were great!" "I liked everything! The presentation was wonderful!"

    Conference Attendees University of Wisconsin Continuing Education Leadership Conference
  • Thank you for your time, facilitation and expertise at our retreat last Friday. We have received such positive feedback and have already noticed a difference in implementing our newfound knowledge with having a better understanding of one another.

    Tina Whitehorse Executive Assistant at UW Health
  • Tina was very easy to work with - professional and very nice. Her presentation at our Health and Wellness event was truly wonderful, the content, slides, and mini exercises all worked so well together. We received numerous positive comments from attendees.

    Karen Cator Office Manager
  • Tina left us with valuable information knowing that it is never too late to choose, change, or tweak a goal. We enjoyed the helpful and interesting information we received which can be applied to both our professional and personal lives to be healthier, happier, and more productive individuals.

    Anne Van Ess Literacy & Volunteer Manager, The Volunteer Center of Brown County
  • As part of our team building day, Tina did a workshop on Maximizing the 3-C's - Communication, Collaboration and Connection. ... tying in Tina's presentation added that much more to learn about each other! I liked her examples of perception and communication. We had a great experience!

    Heather Troia Practice manager, Beaver Dam Dental
  • While we have known for some time that Tina is an engaging and uplifting presenter, her help at our most recent conference goes above and beyond all expectations. When one of our speakers became ill and couldn't present . . . I immediately sought out Tina . . . Tina was able to customize her presentation to complement our theme for the day and deliver a highly rated program. Brilliant!

    Christopher Dyer Morgan Data Solutions Association Management
  • I can’t tell you how many people from our group made a point of going out of their way to say how much they enjoyed and appreciated your presentation and our time with you. A bunch even felt the program was specifically tailored for them.

    Jenna Rompelman Tech Ready Manager, OneSOURCE Document Management Services
  • Tina was an outstanding speaker at our annual Women’s Leadership Breakfast.  Our evaluations from the event were exceptional, and I continue to hear from people who were there how much they appreciated Tina’s words.  We’re so happy to have had her with us.

    Sr. Anita Henning, CSA Congregation of St. Agnes
  • Tina’s preparation for her presentation to our team made all the difference. We knew that she understood who we are and what’s important to us. Her message of Positivity was well received and we are using her book as a valuable resource in keeping her message alive within our organization.

    Ken Dickson Johnson Financial Group, SVP of Sales and Business Development for Commercial Banking, Wealth Management, Private Banking.
  • Tina’s presentation was a great success. Not only was the luncheon presentation entertaining, but Tina shared many tips to maintain a more positive attitude, even when things are not quite going your way. Many of our customers commented on what a nice break it was to hear about positivity, instead of the negatives or what was done wrong. I would highly recommend Tina’s message for anyone.

    Tina Siebold Auer Steel & Heating Supply Co./Marketing Manager
  • Tina was excellent speaking in front of our group of 300! I would highly recommend her for corporate or private events. She was inspiring, had great stories to tell, and tools for our employees to increase positivity. You will be very pleased with Tina Hallis!

    Tivoli Gough USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service / State Public Affairs Specialist
  • Tina’s message on positivity was exactly what our people needed to hear to keep a positive attitude and more easily navigate the changes they are experiencing. Many of the attendees told me how much they enjoyed her program and have already used the tools she presented.  If you’re looking for someone who is real, engaging, inspiring and easy to work with, I recommend hiring Tina for your next training event.

    Brian Collien Quartz / Chief Business Development Officer
  • Tina did a great job of making the employees feel valued and engaged. She is one of the best speakers we’ve had and was very engaging.  Tina’s presentation was fun and exciting and keeps you on your toes.  She uses humor, personal stories, and science experiments to keep the audience involved while teaching the theory on positive thinking that everyone can use a little more of.

    Karissa Goers, SPHR, SHRM- SCP Human Resources Administrator / Dakota County Community Development Agency

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