Get Your Weekly Positivity Tips

Staying positive can be hard!  Life is constantly providing us with challenges, whether it’s at work, at home, with our relationships, with our health, etc. How can we find a better balance and spend more time feeling good? Check out the tips below for some ideas.

Need a Boost? Turn Up the Music

I’m driving in my car on my way to an appointment. I’m in a bit of a funk. The day is gray and so is my mood. It taints my thoughts with discouragement; about the day, my work, my [...]

Looking Back to Help Us Look Forward

This time of year, we often hear a lot about setting New Year’s Resolutions. But on New Year’s Eve, my husband, daughter, and I flipped it around and reflected on the past year; what [...]

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Start by Just Believing

“Once upon a time, there was a girl called Jenni who was born whole and innocent, and learned to make herself small to survive. Who was taught her place and her worth by hurting, unwhole [...]

Four Things I Wish I’d Known Years Ago. Life-Changing Insights from Positive Psychology

When I think about all I’ve learned on my journey into Positive Psychology these past 9 years, I realize how much I’ve changed because of it. If I had to boil it all down to the top [...]

Uncertainty Is Like Floundering in a Fog – Ideas to Help You Find Your Way

Uncertainty seems to be the only thing that’s certain these days. It’s like we’re in a fog and can’t see where we’re going. Some believe the promise of vaccines will [...]