The “Choose Happiness @ Work” Tool Will Add Fun, Interaction and Team-building to Your Next Meeting or Event

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Choose Happiness @ Work is an interactive tool that gets people talking, laughing, and discussing real-world workplace problems, all while learning science-based strategies to apply at work. It’s a great team-building activity that’s played as a card game with over 50 common workplace scenario cards, and over 100 science-based solution cards. The cards are great for:

  • Creating an opportunity to discuss common workplace situations and possible solutions
  • Gaining insights about your team, and their views of the situations and solutions
  • Learning science-based approaches to achieve more happiness at work, using Positive Psychology

Add this “game-changer” activity to your workshop for extra fun and interaction!

What People Are Saying . . .

  • It’s a chance to stop and learn more about one another, and how we view our work world and the people involved in that world.
  • I believe the team environment makes one more accountable, and the play format allows for a comfortable setting to learn.
  • Collectively sharing empowers all of us.
  • It gives people insight into how others think.
  • It gave each of us a chance to interact with each other in a way that we don’t normally get to do.
  • This game could help a team/organization turn a corner and open up to each other. It could also create a great environment for people to get things out into the open if they have frustrations or issues within their organization.
  • I would highly recommend this tool and give it a 9 out of 10.

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Choose Happiness @ Work

For more information about how to play the game, scientific resources used for the cards, or videos about the game, click here.

Contact Tina to see how “Choose Happiness @ Work” could benefit your team or department, or to purchase the game for your organization.

Developed by Scott Crabtree, founder of Happy Brain Science.