Studies Show that Willpower Is a Limited Resource!

Once we use it up, we have to wait for it to replenish.  How are you managing your willpower?

New research indicate3176503_origs that our willpower is like a muscle.  We can strengthen it, but if we overdo it … we run out.  I find fascinating the many ways we use willpower daily –  making decisions, feeling sick, being stressed, resisting our impulses, controlling our thoughts and emotions, etc.  No wonder it’s hard to to find the self-discipline to work on our goals at the end of the day! If you would like to learn more about willpower, sign up for this FREE 3-part program, “Positive Goals & Willpower.”

You will learn some of the most recent findings on willpower … that you can use to increase your chances of accomplishing your goals.  You will discover how you can actually build your willpower … something that can help you in many aspects of life.

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