Make Positivity Skills Stick with the PQ Program

You know that improving people’s positivity skills makes everything else easier, from navigating change to dealing with difficult customers. You know that teaching your people how to be more positive is critical. But what can you do to help make the information and transformation stick?

That’s why I’m excited to offer the 6-week PQ Program. The app makes it easy for your people to take guided action that makes a lasting change. Each week the app provides –

  • One hour of short videos reinforcing the learning
  • 5 sets of quick daily exercises to make the lesson easy to apply
  • A weekly discussion with their small group for accountability
  • Access to the PQ gym
  • Feedback on your progress

What Is PQ?

PQ stands for Positive Intelligence Quotient. It’s an indicator of how often our mind is working for us or against us and is a measure of the strength of our positive mental muscles (Sage) versus the negative (Saboteur). Research with 500,000 participants has shown PQ to be the best predictor of how happy we are and how well we perform relative to our potential.

The PQ App

Create Impactful & Lasting Change

In 2019, I stumbled upon the Positive Intelligence book by Shirzad Chamine and was intrigued by his PQ approach. Then I found out he had developed an app to teach his 6-week program to make real change easier. After experiencing the program for myself, I was hooked! Now I’m thrilled to be able to offer this same experience to my clients and their people.

Accelerate impactful and lasting change for your people by starting with one or more of my workshops on how to shift our thinking. Then encourage them to build on this foundation by offering them the option of taking the PQ program via the app. Those who are motivated to take it will increase their positivity skills and be a positive ripple for the entire organization. As others see the change, they will be more open to trying it themselves at a future date.

This program normally sells for $995 per person, but I’m able to offer your group significant savings when it’s packaged with one of my workshops. Please contact me to discuss details.

Do You Know Your Saboteurs?

Our saboteurs are nasty characters that undermine our success and happiness. They are internal voices that are part of our survival instinct. Although their job is to keep us safe, they tend to keep us in negative emotions like stress, pessimism, guilt, and anger.

The Judge is the master Saboteur that finds fault with ourselves, others, and situations. But how we react to these judgments is orchestrated by a few accomplice saboteurs. Getting to know our top saboteurs and understanding how they manipulate our thinking gives us the ability to recognize them in action and disarm their power over us.

Boost Your People’s PQ & Tap Into Their True Potential

Your people can dramatically boost their PQ Score with six weeks of daily training and practice. The results include dramatically improved performance and productivity and a calm, clear, and happier mind. The PQ Program makes it easy with the convenient PQ App. Try it for yourself and be a positive catalyst!

There’s no risk with the 30-day guarantee!