Why Reading These Positivity Tips Doesn’t Matter – It’s the Doing that Matters

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Knowing is not the same as doing. We all know this. If you know how to drive a car but don’t actually ever get behind the wheel, you won’t go anywhere. If you think about exercising but never do it, you won’t get stronger or build your endurance. 

Knowing about positive psychology, learning tips and insights, is great, but there is only a change, an improvement, when we actually use the information, apply it, and practice.

That’s why I write these tips; to give you different options to actually try and see how they work for you. Just reading them is not going to make a difference. It’s testing them out in your real, busy, hectic life where change will happen.

Maybe one of these tips will bring you a little less stress and more resilience when things go wrong. Maybe it will help you be more patient when you’re feeling frustrated. Maybe it will help you notice all the good things in your life so you can feel more gratitude. Maybe it will make your day a little bit better.

I want you to enjoy more happiness, more peace, and less stress in your life. It is possible! Just a minute here and there; just a baby step or two, can move you toward a better life. I’ve seen it in my own life, my relationships, and my work. I’ve heard about it making a difference for others.

So go, right now, spend a minute or two checking out some of my positivity tips here. Choose one and decide how you are going to use it this week. Because,

If you change nothing, nothing changes. – Joyce Brothers

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