2022, Here We Come! Do You Know Where You’re Headed?

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Days rush by and so do the years! I’ve noticed that if I don’t take time to reflect and plan, the time flies by without any direction from me. So I if I want to design the kind of life I want, I need to be purposeful.

Last week I talked about reviewing the past year before starting the New Year. Today, my husband and I sat down together to make a list. We had so much fun thinking back on our experiences, projects, and adventures! What a valuable and fun exercise! It was the perfect springboard to look ahead and think of what we would like to do in 2022.

Here’s how the list broke down into categories for us.

2021 Experiences:  The list ranged from the trip my daughter and I took out east to look at college campuses to raising broiler chickens for the first time to taking Positive Intelligence training.

2021 Procurements:  Here we captured major expenses like our popup camper and more minor investments like a new heavy bag for a kickboxing class I took via Zoom.

2021 Perspectives and Intentions:  For me, these included intentions like staying active with my yoga classes and video workouts with my daughter. I also added my efforts to pause, notice, and choose my responses instead of reacting.

This discussion got our wheels turning and made it easier to think ahead to the upcoming year. We kept coming up with ideas for 2022! We organized them into the following areas.

2022 Plans and Projects:  This list spanned a variety of projects from new flooring in the bathroom to fixing the deck, and plans to look for more training opportunities and conferences to attend.

2022 Procurements:  We couldn’t think of anything we needed or wanted at this time.

2022 Perspectives and Intentions:  I want to continue focusing on pausing, noticing, and choosing my response. But I also want to work on being less emotionally tied to outcomes and more open to options. This could apply to things like where my daughter wants to go to college or even where some of my new health training might take me.

How about you? Do you know where you’re headed in 2022? Have you taken time to think about the kind of 2022 you’d like to have?

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