Do You Need to Reprioritize Your To-Do List?

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Imagine that you looked at your “to-do” list this morning and the top thing was do something that feels good. This priority came before cleaning the house or doing paperwork or running errands. What could you do that would make you feel good today?

Would you send someone a “thinking of you” note?

Would you watch a funny show or video that made you laugh?

Would you get outside and spend some time in nature?

Would you take time to enjoy a hobby or sport?

Would you call a friend?

Maybe you would finish a project or chore that you’ve been putting off.

Maybe you would indulge in a bubble bath.

Maybe you would put on a favorite song and dance in the living room.

Maybe you would plan a vacation.

Maybe you would look at old photos that bring back good memories.

It’s so easy to focus on all our chores and “shoulds” until we run out of time for something fun. So, today, I challenge you to shift your priorities and do something that feels good right away. I would love to hear what it is! You can reply to this email and let me know.

I started the first fire of the year in our wood stove. Now the house is cozy warm with a lovely ambiance! It makes me happy ?.


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