I Cried Every Time He Held Me – Changing Life to Align with Our Priorities

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When my dad was growing up, almost everyone in his family was a truck driver; his brothers, his dad, his uncle, and cousin. So naturally, that’s what he wanted to be when he grew up. When he was older, his dad would take him with on trips and show him the ropes. My dad knew he was ready.  Shortly after my mom and dad were married, his dream finally came true. He was driving across the country on his own. 

Despite a variety of challenges, he was very happy with his job. There was a lot to see and always something new to experience. But there was a problem. It was me.

After I was born, my dad would come home, excited to spend time with his new baby girl. But because he was gone for days or even weeks at a time, I would cry every time he held me. Apparently, I didn’t recognize this stranger. This tore my dad up! Something had to change. So despite his love of trucking, he made the hard decision to leave it behind and get a “regular” job so he could spend more time with his tiny daughter.

Eventually, when I was a little older, he found a trucking company that allowed him to be home every weekend and at least once during the week. This was the balance and quality of life he wanted. He spent the rest of his career behind the wheel of a semi. It’s no surprise that his CB handle was “Homesteader.”

I love this story because, to me, it highlights the priority he gave to his family. He was willing to step away from his dream to make sure that I came before his work. He knew he would not be happy if he didn’t make a change.

Of course, this was a big change and a big priority for him. But the message here can be applied to many aspects of our lives. Are we making decisions about our lives that align with what’s important to us? Everything we say “yes” or “no” to impacts this alignment and our happiness.

What priorities in your life need your attention? What has to change for you to find a more balanced alignment with them?

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