Looking in the Mirror

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Have you ever noticed that when you learn something new about self-development, it is easier to see how someone else really needs the information rather than you? For example, I’ve been enjoying Brené Brown’s new book, Daring Greatly. A wonderful book about living your authentic life, being vulnerable and bold, finding your true self and avoiding being closed and defensive. I can instantly think of people who should read this book! “Oh yeah! So-and-so really needs to work on her defensiveness!” It is much easier for me to see other’s needs for improvement than it is for me to see my own. It takes a lot of self-discipline and focus for me to reflect on my own attitudes and behaviors to notice how the insights from the book can make my life better. But if I take the time to look inside, I can realize I am far from perfect. So if we find ourselves thinking of how some new information could really help someone else, maybe we can use it as a reminder that we have enough work to do on ourselves first.

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