This Is Too Good to Be True: Why we protect ourselves against joy

I had the incredible opportunity to see and listen to some of my favorite thought-leaders at the Work Human conference last week, including Shawn Achor, Simon Sinek, Tony Schwartz, David Rock, [...]

What Does It Feel Like to Be Wrong? Our strong need to be right and it’s impact on our lives

What does it feel like to be wrong? According to Kathryn Schulz, it doesn’t feel any different than being right, UNTIL . . . we realize we’re wrong. Then the humiliation and feeling of failure [...]

I Would Rather Stay Home. Is There Something Wrong with Me? The difference between introverts and extroverts

When I was in college, my roommates loved to go out on Saturday night. I was glad to go with, but I would’ve also been happy just staying home. Sensing their excitement and anticipation of a [...]

Do You Have a Loved One that You Wish Was Less Negative?

It can be hard when the people we care about are chronically unhappy or negative. We can see how their attitude is hurting their quality of life, but nothing we do seems to help. We may try a [...]

Are “What Ifs” Getting in the Way of Your Happiness & Dreams?

Last week I was feeling a little stressed. I had to get to the Milwaukee airport so I could fly to Austin for a workshop I was giving. They were predicting blizzard conditions the day before with [...]

What Do You Want for Valentine’s Day? Using the 5 Love Languages as a Decoder

I remember a conversation with my carpool partner back in graduate school.  She was sharing with me how she’d told her new boyfriend that she would like candy and flowers on Valentine’s Day.  My [...]